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2 years ago
GPL: Read It and Reap

JD Vance is welcomed by the Denison College Republicans. This event is co-sponsored by the Babcock Lecture Series with special contributions made by the Denison Democrats.

The book "Hillbilly Elegy" by J.D. Vance has been of interest to a large number of library visitors since its release in 2016. He is speaking at Denison University on Wednesday evening, March 8 at ... See more

2 years ago
The man who studies the spread of ignorance

"Proctor had found that the cigarette industry did not want consumers to know the harms of its product, and it spent billions obscuring the facts of the health effects of smoking. This search led him ... See more

How do people or companies with vested interests spread ignorance and obfuscate knowledge? Georgina Kenyon finds there is a term which defines this phenomenon.

2 years ago
America’s Brutal, Forgotten History of Illegal Deportations

Is history repeating itself? #Resist

In the late 1920s and early 1930s, the country carried out a wave of illegal raids and deportations that affected as many as 1.8 million people. Are we on the verge of making the same mistakes again?

2 years ago
“Glass House” posits Lancaster as an avatar for Trump's America

We were fortunate to have Brian Alexander, the author of Glass House, come to speak in Licking County a few weeks ago. Thanks to our Dem Club, the Denison Democrats, and Denison University for a ... See more

The book by Lancaster native Brian Alexander has drawn comparisons to J.D. Vance's national best-seller “Hillbilly Elegy,” as an examination

2 years ago
Sean Fennell

FYI from one of our candidates for Newark Council Ward 7:

My name is Sean Fennell and I am running for Newark City Council Ward 7. #NEWARKPROUD

2 years ago
Perspective | Things look bleak for liberals now. But they’ll beat Trump in the end.

He and his movement will fade, and the values and priorities of the left will eventually triumph.

2 years ago
Stacie Baker for Reynoldsburg City Council Fundraiser

FYI Stacie Baker Is one of several running in the May Primary for City Council..

Come out and support Reynoldsburg City Council candidate Stacie Baker.

Sponsors: $100
Individuals: $25
Young Dems: $20

For questions, please contact us at:

2 years ago
Run for Something

What they said! Run for something!

Do not let this crap scare you away from running for office. Being young and having a little bit of fun in college doesn't make you unqualified to serve -- it makes you human. You are what most ... See more

2 years ago
Senator Sherrod Brown wants a host of improvements for US workers

Proud of our Sen. Brown!

WASHINGTON — Sen. Sherrod Brown wants voters to feel that Democrats are the party of working Americans — and he’s got 77

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