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2 years ago

Fascinating trying to figure out what this new national health care plan is called. American Health Care, Trumpcare, Ryancare...what? and interesting that both Ohio Senators aren't pleased with the ... See more

2 years ago
Betty Sutton Works for Ohio

FYI Betty Sutton is in the race for the Democratic Primary for Ohio Governor.

Betty Sutton for Governor. Official campaign website. Join us today!

2 years ago
Seth Dobbelaer

FYI - Our candidate for Newark City Council 6th Ward.

Learn about our campaign, stay connected, donate, and get involved! SETHDOBBELAER.COM

2 years ago
Policy Matters Ohio

Take time to ask your taxing authority if they think this bill is helpful or not for them. Ask what the $ difference will be to your municipality. We'd love to have your answers in the comment ... See more

Governor Kasich wants the state to take over collection of the municipal income tax on business profits. This would mean the loss of local control over a revenue source that accounts for more than ... See more

2 years ago
Leashes Come Off Wall Street, Gun Sellers, Polluters and More

Only one word for the listing of actions in this article "terrifying"! Removing many protections you might presume could not be removed!

In a flurry of deregulation, the Trump administration has already suspended or reversed more than 90 rules. And industry is clamoring for more.

2 years ago
Republicans unveil bill to repeal Obamacare

This includes a link to the full R Health Care document

Bill would repeal Obamacare's individual mandate, aims to maintain coverage for people with pre-existing conditions, allow children to stay on their parents' plans until the age of 26.

2 years ago
News from The Associated Press

The points listed here make for interesting reading.

WASHINGTON (AP) -- House Republicans on Monday released their long-awaited plan for unraveling former President Barack Obama's health care law, a package that would scale back the government's role ... See more

2 years ago
House Republicans Unveil Bill To Repeal Obamacare

Will post other links for info on the R plan for health care as we find them. Feel free to share links by private message. We are looking for facts on the changes.

It would likely take insurance from millions, but conservatives are already protesting.

2 years ago
What's that smell? Reports of foul odor in Westerville

This can happen anywhere. Why the Ohio and Federal EPA are needed!

Dozens of people living in a Columbus suburb say they're choking on dirty air. 10 Investigates tracks the powerful odors and gets answers from state officials.

2 years ago
Tri County Blue Cocktail Hour

Reminder This is tomorrow Tuesday.

In this critical election cycle, attending your local Blue Cocktail Hour is a great way to:

-Support great Democratic candidates up and down the ballot.
-Network with local officials and party ... See more

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