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1 year ago
Income Inequality: Despite thriving economy, many in central Ohio struggle in low-wage jobs

Cathi Steele led a group of canvassers along Azelda Avenue in a North Linden neighborhood as raw as the winter morning. Worn bungalows and ranches, some

1 year ago

Many thanks to Tim Weisert for seeing to it that the St Patrick's Day event was so successful. New and old friends getting together along with a number of our candidates. Thanks to all for making ... See more

1 year ago

Many thanks to Aaron Dagres for hosting the Coffee and Conversation at our HQ this morning. The club sponsors these on the even #'d weekends. Private message here if you'd like to host the April ... See more

1 year ago

Noisy crowd at coffee and conversation this am. Come join us at 2054 Cherry Valley Rd., Newark OH 43055 9-11 Coffee and pastry hosted by Aaron Dagres

1 year ago

FYI: Saturday is the St Patrick's Steve Harrington Memorial Event

GMP Hall, 350 Hudson Ave, Newark OH 43055 7-11PM Meet friends, make new ones and meet many of our candidates. Free

You ... See more

1 year ago
A Budget Is A Moral Document. The One Trump Produced Is Dark.

How does this budget compare with your morals? If not, take action, speak up. Don't presume others will do it for you!

It targets the elderly and the poor.

1 year ago
These are the 19 agencies Trump would stop funding entirely

Everyone is affected by one or more of these agencies. Call NOW as the ads say. Don't expect others to make your calls for you. Don't forget your local elected officials who may have to pick up ... See more

Here’s a snapshot of the mission and history of the 19 independent agencies President Donald Trump said he would stop funding entirely under his “budget blueprint.” Trump’s proposal also ... See more

1 year ago
The Hill

I'm sure we all know someone who receives Meals on Wheels. Heartless to cut this program.

President Trump’s first budget would eliminate a Housing and Urban Development program that funds Meals on Wheels among other housing and community programs.

1 year ago
Timeline Photos

On Tuesday, March 14th we lost Beth Albertson, wife of Ed Albertson. Beth had been active with Licking County Democrats since the 2004 Kerry campaign, an active supporter of candidates and an active ... See more

1 year ago
If you’re a poor person in America, Trump’s budget is not for you

Among other things ..."Gone would be $35 million in funding for well-known programs such as Habitat for Humanity and YouthBuild USA, fair housing planning, and homeless assistance, among other ... See more

White House budget to fall hard on the rural and small town communities that Trump won

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