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1 year ago

Reminder: 7PM tonight meeting has Special Guest, Rob Richardson, Declared 2018 Candidate for Ohio Treasurer. An opportunity to hear Rob and ask questions. 2054 Cherry Valley Rd. Newark. FYI Exec ... See more

1 year ago
Letter: Etna should retain Carlisle, Foor

FYI John Carlisle is on the Central Committee and the endorsed candidate to re-elect as Etna Township Trustee.

I urge the voters of Etna Township in Licking County to support the incumbent trustees and re-elect John Carlisle and Randy Foor. As Etna Township

1 year ago
Chelsea Francis

Proud of our candidates using many ways to communicate.

There are a number of people running in this year's election. Do you know who your candidates are? Learn about Chelsea's experience and beliefs here:

1 year ago
Stonewall Democrats Of Central Ohio

FYI Seth Michael Hare Dobbelaer and our Reynoldsburg Endorsed Candidates

As we head into an exciting week and weekend of canvassing and Get Out the Vote activities, you'll definitely need a copy of our endorsed candidates sample ballot! Feel free to share with all of your ... See more

1 year ago
3 facing off for Etna Township Trustee posts

John Carlisle is the endorse candidate for Etna Township trustee and is on the Central Committee.

1 year ago
Voter Guide: Newark City School Board

Daniel Crawford is the endorsed candidate in this race for Newark School Board.

1 year ago
Voter Guide: Licking County ESC

There are 3 seats up for the ESC, Stacy Evans, Marc Guthrie and Freddie Latella are endorsed for this.

1 year ago
Voter Guide: Newark Township Trustee

Dave Morris is on the Central Cte, we wish him well in this race.

1 year ago
Voter Guide: Lakewood Schools

Chelsea is our endorsed candidate in the race and the daughter of Vicky and Jeft Christiansen (who previously served on the school board)

1 year ago
Newark Advocate

Thank you Gale! "Passion for a job is not determinted by how long one has done it, or by the geographic location of one's home. It is not fair to imply that the fact that she has "only lived in ... See more

A two-term Newark City Council member is being challenged by a newcomer to Newark

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