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10 months ago
Ohio Democratic Party

FYI...this # will keep you in contact with the latest happenings.

As we watch the Super Bowl with our friends and families tonight, Trump is hopping a plane to Ohio. Again.

It's another self-promotional rally where he'll try to explain away his broken promises to ... See more

10 months ago
Click here to support Newark Police K-9 fund organized by Doug Bline

As Democrats here in Licking County I believe we have maintained a great relationship with our local law enforcement. They support the community every day doing a job that puts their lives at risk ... See more

Newark Police Department in Newark Ohio has had a continuously operating K-9 unit since 1969. Our K-9's are invaluable tools. they have helped rescue children, search schools, track and apprehend ... See more

10 months ago
2018 Main Street Initiative Training 2018

FYI...if you are interested in running for office as a Democrat in the future or what to be an integral part of a Democratic campaign, you are welcome to sign up for this training. Feel free to ... See more

Main Street Initiative 2018! Jump start your winning campaign!

General Topics:
Campaign Plan & Timeline
Fundraising & Compliance
Messaging Development
Voter Outreach

To RSVP, please fill out the ... See more

10 months ago
Equality Ohio

Thanks Jeremy Blake

The hearing on the Ohio Fairness Act––which would add sexual orientation and gender identity/expression to the laws that make discrimination illegal in Ohio––is tomorrow morning at 9:30. We ... See more

10 months ago
Washington State Democratic Party

Are you proud to be a Democrat? WE ARE!

It’s simple, really. Being a Democrat is about community. It’s about having your neighbor’s back, and knowing they’ll have yours. It’s about banding together to do what’s right, even when ... See more

10 months ago
Democrats grab key Wisconsin Senate seat in Tuesday's special elections


Voters in western Wisconsin chose Democrat Patty Schachtner as their state senator in a special election Tuesday.

10 months ago
Election 2018: This reliably Republican Ohio district may tell us early if there's a Democratic wave

Frustrating that articles like this constantly miss the two women who've announced in this race: Jacqueline Patton and Crystal Lett both from Franklin County. Despite comments by R's, there is ... See more

11 months ago
Rally near the Columbus Statehouse


Join us as we stand up to the deceptive legislation Right to Work. Right to Work is WRONG for Ohio and WRONG for workers. Don't trust it.
Time is tentative, stay tuned for more information.

11 months ago
Indivisible: Ohio District 12

What a persistent group. Many thanks.

Here we go. Last week at Tiberi's while he is our representative.

11 months ago
Meet and Greet Fundraiser with Stephanie Dodd


Join Stephanie Dodd and learn about her campaign with Joe Schiavoni as they take back the governor’s mansion in Ohio. Stephanie represents Licking County on the State School Board and is a resident ... See more

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