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3 months ago
Letters: Get educated before the election

Great set of letters. We agree except for the right person for Ohio District 71. Jeremy Blake is the best person for Ohio District 71

Advocate readers share their views on the upcoming general election.

3 months ago
My Voter Information - Voter Search

This is a link that can help anyone find their Election Day polling location.

If a voter needs information on their absentee ballot status, they should go to licking.ohioboe.com for the latest ... See more

If you are unable to locate your voter registration information, but believe you are registered to vote, it is recommended that you search again making sure all information provided is accurate. ... See more

3 months ago
Own Your Vote

Please share this link so anyone in Ohio can find their Democratic candidates. Thanks!

Your 2018 Endorsed Democratic Candidates!

3 months ago

Please share the Licking County Sample Ballot for Democratic Candidates. Judges Stewart and Donnelly are running for Ohio Supreme Court, Judges Gwin and Delaney for 5th District Court of Appeals, ... See more

3 months ago

If you're not upset yet, not sure what will get you there. Bombs sent to past presidents and supporters...it's time to volunteer, don't expect someone else to help win this election for you. The ... See more

3 months ago
Campaign for Ohio Events · MobilizeAmerica

IF you want a win on Nov 6th, sign up. Don't expect others to volunteer to get things done. You need to volunteer!

Take action with Campaign for Ohio. Find high-impact opportunities near you.

3 months ago
Ohio Democratic Party

Please share...It's important that the word get out..The Democratic judges running with opposition in Licking County are Judge Donnelly and Judge Stewart for the Ohio Supreme Court, with Judge ... See more

For years, Ohio Supreme Court candidate Judge Michael P. Donnelly has been fighting for more transparency in the judicial system.

Watch this video, then make a plan to vote up and down the ballot: ... See more

4 months ago

Reminder: Party meetings tonight...all welcome. Exec Cte 6:30 PM Central Cte 7PM. Pickup yard signs.

4 months ago
Ohio Senate candidates base views on financial life experiences

If you want our candidates to win, it's time to volunteer. We have work today thru the election at the office. We just received yard signs that need put together and need local phone calls made in ... See more

Ohio Senate candidates Jay Hottinger and Melinda Miller each said personal financial struggles they've experienced helped form their political views.

4 months ago
Photos from Licking County Democrats's post

Time to have your car in the lot. We have lots to get done. Yard signs need to be in people's yards. Stop in

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