Committee Info

Central Committee meets at 7:00 pm on the 4th Tuesday of each month (except December).

Grace Cherrington, Chair
Marty Allen, 1st Vice Chair
VACANT, 2nd Vice Chair
Pam Wilson, Secretary
Mike Bond, Treasurer

Central & Executive Committee Constitution & Bylaws

If your precinct is vacant, please send an email to lcdemocraticparty@gmail. com if you are interested in serving.


Precinct Committee Member
Newark 1A vacant
Newark 1B Dee Hall
Newark 2A vacant
Newark 2B Jeremy Blake
Newark 2C Desiree Blake
Newark 3A Julie Barrett
Newark 3B Josh Johnson
Newark 3C vacant
Newark 4A Robert McKenna
Newark 4B Bonnie Rolletta
Newark 4C vacant
Newark 4D Gale Williams
Newark 5A vacant
Newark 5B Mark Bussey
Newark 5C Ann Rader
Newark 5D Irene Kennedy
Newark 5E vacant
Newark 6A vacant
Newark 6B Aaron Dagres
Newark 6C Sheli Woodruff
Newark 6D Seth Dobbelaer
Newark 6E VACANT
Newark 7A vacant
Newark 7B Sally Thompson
Newark 7C Carol Floyd
Heath 1A vacant
Heath 1B Ashley Osborn
Heath 2A vacant
Heath 2B vacant
Heath 3A vacant
Heath 3B vacant
Bennington Twp vacant
Bowling Green Twp Vickie Fogarty
Burlington Twp vacant
Eden Fallsbury Twp Gloria Fauss
Etna Twp A vacant
Etna Twp B vacant
Etna Twp C John Carlisle
Etna Twp D Eric Nickolas
Reynoldsburg 2A vacant
Reynoldsburg 3A Mike Bond
Reynoldsburg 3B vacant
Reynoldsburg 3C Sean McMullen
Reynoldsburg 3D Chauncey Mason
Franklin Twp Vicky Christiansen
Granville Twp A Pam Wilson
Granville Twp B Tony Lisska
Granville Twp C vacant
Granville Village A Melinda Miller
Granville Village B Larry Miller
Granville Village C Mitch Lerner
Hanover Twp vacant
Hanover Village vacant
Harrison Twp A vacant
Harrison Twp B-Kirkersville Tyler Patterson
Harrison Twp C Darlene Hemmingsen
Harrison Twp D vacant
Harrison Twp E vacant
Hartford Twp-Village vacant
Hopewell Twp-Gratiot Village Susan Haas
Jersey Twp A vacant
Jersey Twp B vacant
Liberty Twp A vacant
Liberty Twp B Mike Smith
Licking Twp A vacant
Licking Twp B Marc Guthrie
Licking Twp C Lauren Price
Madison Twp A vacant
Madison Twp B Karen Barger
Mary Ann Twp vacant
McKean Twp Christine Ramsey
Monroe Twp A Dennis O’Connor
Monroe Twp B Chuck Divelbliss
Johnstown Village A vacant
Johnstown Village B vacant
Johnstown Village C vacant
Newark Twp Dave Morris
Newton Twp A vacant
Newton Twp B-St Louisville vacant
Pataskala 1A vacant
Pataskala 1B vacant
Pataskala 2A Marty Allen
Pataskala 2B Melissa Carter
Pataskala 3A Grace Cherrington
Pataskala 3B Brian Kelley
Pataskala 4A Jackie Hastilow
Pataskala 4B vacant
Perry Twp vacant
St. Albans Twp A vacant
St. Albans Twp B-Alexandria vacant
Union Twp A Robert Essex
Union Twp B Sue Penick
Buckeye Lake Village Marianne Perine
Hebron Village Rick Johnson
Washington Twp vacant
Utica Village vacant

Executive Committee meets at 6:30 pm on the 4th Tuesday of every January, April, July, & October.


Grace Cherrington, Chair
Harold Rowand, 1st Vice Chair
vacant, 2nd Vice Chair
Gloria Fauss, Secretary
Robert Essex, Treasurer

Central & Executive Committee Constitution & Bylaws


Alma Hartman
Gloria Fauss
Harold Rowand
Gloria Smith
Dan Long
Andrea Eastman
Darlene Hemmingsen
John Clark
Tyler Patterson
Richard Johnson
Susan Haas
Karen Butt
Lauren Price
Janet Nagy
Christine Ramsey
Dennis O’Connor
Chuck Divelbliss
Josh Johnson
Robert McKenna
Alex Rolletta
Bonnie Rolletta
Carol Wollenburg
Aaron Dagres
Sheli Woodruff
Seth Dobbelaer
Chester FOx
Joe Begeny
Stacie Baker