What We Stand For


Our Purpose

The Licking County Democratic Club is a grassroots community organization dedicated to citizen education, service, and political action around the critical issues that face our community, our state, and our nation.

We work to support Democratic candidates and office holders who:

•Uphold high ethical standards in government

•Promote human equality, dignity, and worth

•Affirm everyone’s right to equal justice under the law

•Advocate for the common good

•Ensure fiscal responsibility, fairness, and accountability

•Are inclusive, accessible, and open to divergent points of view

•Support the principles of the Democratic Party

As local Democrats, we also encourage everyone to be involved in the issues that affect our community and beyond. Civic participation is the essence of democracy. When citizens run for office, serve on local boards, and exercise their citizenship rights, they help their communities thrive and grow.

Who We Are

We are active citizens from the cities, villages, and townships of Licking County. We are your family, friends, and neighbors. We are also part of the Democratic Party’s proud history—a party founded by Thomas Jefferson in 1792 to fight for the Bill of Rights and against vesting power in the hands of the privileged. We are the “party of the common man,” with historic commitments to middle class and working people and their families, women, minorities, veterans, the disabled, and the poor.

We are the party of Woodrow Wilson who taught us that we must champion our democratic ideals as part of a community of nations, not as the world’s policeman. We are the party of Franklin Roosevelt who successfully led us through the Great Depression and World War II. Roosevelt established the critical role of government in addressing the needs of those not well served by the economic system, creating programs such as Social Security, unemployment compensation, and fair labor practices. And we are the party of John F. Kennedy who confronted racial segregation and inspired a vision of equal access to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness for all Americans.

As we face the challenges of today’s world, we are energized by our President, Barack Obama, who uplifts us with a renewed spirit of idealism, opportunity, and hope. And just like you, we want a Licking County community that offers good jobs, strong schools, fair taxes, clean water and clear air, and innovative, effective government.

Our Core Beliefs

As Licking County Democrats, we share core beliefs around the critical issues that shape people’s lives and futures. These issues include the following:

Quality Public Education: We believe that our children’s wellbeing and our community’s economic health depend upon excellent, innovative, and effective public schools. All schools should be held to a high standard, be adequately funded, and offer manageable class sizes. Teachers must be well prepared and supported. It is the responsibility of parents, schools, and community to work together to ensure that all children gain the knowledge and skills necessary for successful life and citizenship in the 21st century.

Sustainable, Diverse Economic Development: We believe that a community’s economic development should benefit everyone and provide diverse employment opportunities. Government has a critical role in ensuring a strong infrastructure, job training programs, and necessary regulations for a strong and sustainable economy. By providing broad public access to the process, public officials balance the various interests involved in local development decisions.

Because the tax and revenue system is fundamental to a viable community, paying taxes to fund public services is a civic responsibility of individuals and businesses. The system should be fair and provide stable and adequate revenue to provide for community needs today and for the prosperity of tomorrow. We also support a worker’s right to a safe, fair, and equitable workplace and compensation that provides a living wage. To protect workers, we support the right to organize and bargain collectively.

To fully realize the potential of our workforce and our citizenry, we affirm support for government programs designed to assist those not fully served by economic development, such as youth, the elderly, and the disabled. Such programs should be designed to maximize the potential of each individual to become self-sustaining participants in both work and community life.

Farming is a key component of the Licking County economy, and we support agricultural policies that promote stewardship of the land, protect and support local farms, and offer career opportunities for individuals and their families.

Healthy Individuals, Healthy Communities: A Shared Responsibility We believe that a strong viable community depends on the wellness and physical health of its citizens. All citizens have a right to health care, including access to adequate, affordable health insurance, access to community-funded health facilities, prevention information on issues such as nutrition and disease, and availability of government-supported research. It is the government’s responsibility to ensure that individuals, businesses, and government are working collaboratively to provide good health care for our nation’s citizens. The health and well-being of each individual contributes to the health of the community. We are challenged by the level of need in our community. While we are each personally responsible for our own well-being, we affirm effective government programs designed to provide access, opportunity, and essential services to those struggling to become responsible and participating citizens, including those who are re-entering society from the criminal justice system.

Sustainable Energy, Safe Environment: Due to the broad impact of environmental and energy issues, we believe that only local, state, and federal government can effectively and cooperatively regulate, develop, and manage these issues. In the quest for green, clean, and renewable energies, we call for the modernization of existing technologies and the development of new, alternate energy sources. We strongly advocate for policies that encourage the recycling and conservation of resources, guarantee clean air, water, and food, and address issues of climate change. To protect our environment we also call for responsible land use policies that preserve farmlands, support open lands, and contain urban sprawl.

Support for Our Service Men, Women, Veterans and Their Families: We believe that American military men and women should never be put in harm’s way except in direct defense of our nation or in an international peacekeeping mission, such as through the United Nations or NATO. To protect our service men and women, it is also critical to uphold international standards, such as the Geneva Convention. Because of veterans’ service to our country, we believe that our government has the responsibility to ensure that they and their families are treated with dignity and provided with the benefits which they have earned.

Good Government: We commit ourselves to a government that is both efficient and effective, protecting the individual and the community from threats posed by nation states, terrorists, crime, and natural disaster. Our public servants should serve no master except the people, administer the laws impartially, and relentlessly enforce the highest ethical standards.


We support a government that is accountable to its citizens, invites citizen participation, and ensures:

•High ethical standards, efficiency, and competence

•Transparency and openness in government

•A safe and secure nation and neighborhood

•Freedom and equality to its citizens

•Laws that protect the common welfare as they apply to businesses, organizations, and individuals

•Public works, including public transportation, roads and bridges, clean air and water systems, and cultural institutions

•Equal access to health care, food, housing, education, and employment

•Adequate support for basic human needs and services (food, health care, education, housing) for the unemployed, the underemployed, the disabled, and the aged

•Effective coordination for community economic development in ways that include the voice of local community members

•A tax and revenue policy that is fair in its collection and efficient in its disbursement, with mechanisms of real accountability

The Future

We envision a world where communities like ours commit to uphold these established core principles on the local level; this will enable all individuals to live in dignity in a just society where they can pursue their potential, functioning and thriving in the place they call home. We believe that developing an informed citizenry and electing outstanding Democratic leadership starts at the grassroots level.

Let this living document serve as our call to engage meaningfully, respectfully, and cooperatively in the common work of wisely creating positive change by using our skills, ideas, and energies in support of our community and the wider world.


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